5 Ways To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

Posted by Mary Pepper on  January 4, 2021

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It is estimated that up to 50% of household cats are overweight. Obesity in cats shortens your pet’s lifespan, decreases mobility, increases the severity of arthritis, and can be a gateway to more serious disease. Here are five ways you can help your cat lose weight.


Undertake Weight Loss In Your Cat Slowly

  Cats, especially obese ones, are sensitive to weight loss. When cats reduce their normal intake of fat (due to stress,

veterinary telemedicine in Nassau county
veterinary telemedicine in Nassau county

                       Dr. Gary Dattner conducting a virtual veterinary visit while his patient, Melville, looks on.

The 301 V.E.T.S. Group in New Hyde Park, Mineola, and Garden City Park have announced the launch of telemedicine services at their

301 veterinarians

Shop at Stops Owned By Moms And Pops

Posted by Mary Pepper on  May 8, 2020

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It’ll be a big help in restarting your local community.

  301 veterinarians  

A licensed veterinary nurse and advocate for veterinary patient health shares his thoughts on the value of supporting small business over big box stores.

  If it’s one thing that all of us have learned during the past two months of sheltering in place, it’s how to shop online.  Now, In the

301 Vets discuss what the recent news of Covid-19 infection of lions and tigers at the Bronx Zoo means for your cat or dog.


Bronx Zoo Tiger Tests Positive For Covid-19, Other Big Cats Also Likely Infected

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture released a statement on April 5th confirming that a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for Covid-19

A dog was burned with cigarettes and starved, now the Nassau County SPCA aggressively pursues prosecution.


Found Roaming in Valley Stream, NY

  Fox News 8 reported that an emaciated dog with cigarette burn wounds on his head was found roaming the streets of Valley Stream, NY.  It is believed that a passing commuter dumped the dog and then drove