Veterinary Telemedicine Now Available In Nassau County

veterinary telemedicine in Nassau county

                       Dr. Gary Dattner conducting a virtual veterinary visit while his patient, Melville, looks on.

The 301 V.E.T.S. Group in New Hyde Park, Mineola, and Garden City Park have announced the launch of telemedicine services at their four locations.


“We strongly believe that this added service will help us keep our clients and our team members safe during the pandemic and increase access to veterinary healthcare for pet owners who may have trouble traveling outside of their home.” Dr.Gary Dattner, veterinarian and partner 301V.E.T.S.


Quality Time With Our Veterinarians


Virtual veterinary exams allow you to interface with our veterinarians without having to leave the comfort of your home. You’ll enjoy quiet, focused time with our medical team outside the fast-paced schedule we typically keep when we’re working on the floor. These visits are great for cats that are afraid to leave the home or that haven’t been to the veterinarian in a while. Though not all cases can be diagnosed virtually, they are a great place to start if you haven’t taken your pet to the veterinarian in a while or are concerned about changes that you are seeing in him or her.


Relaxed Restrictions Allow For Virtual Visits


By law, New York State veterinarians are required to physically see pets and have a hands-on exam before they can diagnose health issues or prescribe medications, but the FDA has relaxed these rules in the face of some restrictions on travel and ongoing pet owner fears of infection in the wake of Covid-19.


What Kinds of Problems Are Best Diagnosed Using Telemedicine?


If your pet is having difficulty breathing, is unresponsive, or has had trauma, you should immediately phone us (1-800 301-8387) for our advice.  Let us know that you are having a pet emergency at the beginning of the call. Otherwise, our veterinarians are able to provide guidance on any medical issue your pet is having.  If we believe that your pet requires a physical examination or other services that have to be done at our office, any money that you spend with us on the virtual visit will be deducted from your office bill.


What Kinds of Pets Benefit The Most From Telemedicine?


The following patients (and pet owners!) benefit from veterinary telemedicine care:


  • The service is great for pet owners that don’t have a way to get to one of our offices or who have mobility issues.  The patient can be ‘seen’ virtually by one of our doctors and if he or she needs to be brought to our facility for additional care, can be transported by a pet taxi like Elite Pet Ride.
  • For cats that are afraid to leave the house, virtual care is perfect. It allows us to see your cat when he or she is relaxed in your home. We emphasize that in most cases, cats that have not been seen by one of our veterinarians in the last year, will require a physical examination in addition to the virtual care that we provide to you on the video call, but any fees that you pay for the virtual care exam will be deducted from your pet’s office visit. Minimally, you will receive expert advice by a licensed veterinarian that will help you make better healthcare decisions for your pet, allay any concerns that your are having, and answer your questions.
  • Virtual visits are great for pet owners that are pressed for time, but who can still manage to get their pet to a vet. We can use the virtual call to talk to you about your concerns, meet your pet, and take a general history, and then schedule you for a visit to our office for expedited treatment.
  • For existing clients with pets that are chronically ill, are senior, or have mobility issues, virtual visits are great for getting some experienced advice by our veterinary professionals to improve the quality of your pet’s life, to help you interpret the changes that you are seeing, or to provide an empathetic, informed opinion on how you should act.


How Veterinary Telemedicine Works At 301 VETS


Here’s how to schedule and participate in a veterinary telemedicine call with one of our professionals.


  • Call us (800-301-8387) and explain that you would like to schedule a telemedicine call with one of our doctors.  Our experienced client service representatives will let you know from the outset if a telemedicine visit is right for you and your pet.
  • If a virtual visit is the right choice, we’ll schedule the telemedicine appointment at a convenient time.  One of our doctors will reach out to you by email with an invitation to join a Google Meet meeting.  You’ll find more on Google Meet below.
  • Log onto Google Meet 10 minutes prior to your pet’s examination so that you can work out any issues with connecting or the software.


What You’ll Need To Prepare For Your Veterinary Telemedicine Call


In order to have a telemedicine consult with one of our doctors, you’ll need:

  • A phone, tablet or computer with a camera and an internet connection
  • An email account
  • If you are using your phone or tablet during the call, you will also need to download the Google Meet app.


What You’ll Need On The Day Of The Exam


On the day of the examination, please have:


  • A list of questions that you have for our doctor.  A list ensures that you won’t forget anything during the meeting
  • A second person on hand to help you hold the camera so that we can visualize your pet
  • Be in an area of your home with good lighting. Avoid areas where the light source will be coming from behind you
  • Make sure you are sitting or standing in a way that you can comfortably hold your pet and move the camera so that we can clearly see areas of your pet’s body that we direct you to focus upon.


How Much Is A Veterinary Telemedicine Call?


The cost of the examination by one of our licensed veterinarians is $35.00. The fee does not include any medications that may be prescribed for your pet and sent through our online store.  If you and the veterinarian agree that an in person visit is required for a correct diagnosis and treatment, then we’ll schedule the appointment at the time of your virtual examination and address any social distancing or transportation concerns you have at that time.  The $35 dollar fee will be deducted from your in-office visit cost.


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